We here at Von Metal V-Twin HD Performance are knowledgeable and quality motorcycle service providers. With our decades of experience with Harley and TRUE HD PERFORMANCE we can take your bike to the next level!  From Track, Drag or pushing the boundaries of street legal. If you want your bike customized, tuned to go faster, handle better than ever! Or are  just looking to have your bike maintained correctly, look no further than Von Metal V-twin HD performance

We value our customers and our name here at Von Metal, we are aware you 

have other shops to choose from and we want to prove to you that Von Metal should be your first and only choice.

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Why Choose Von Metal?

Performance Parts

  • Custom made performance parts you can only get here at Von Metal!

Custom Accessories

  • VM5 Stainless swirl ported intake
  • VM5 Performance bagger seat
  • VM5 High HP chain adjusters
  • VM5 49 mm conversion fork kit

Performance Guru's

  • Von Metal is one of the leading Performance Bagger builders