About outlaw baggers

 It’s official. The age of the big wheel is in a state of decline.Yes, the mega-hoop baggers were very different. For a little while. They took style to its sensible limits and far beyond. I wrote many of them up for this very magazine, and while that was fun, you get tired of the same flavor. As the House of Style fades into the background, more and more baggers are focused on function. We’ve gone from, “But does it look good?” to, “But how fast is it?” Justin Von Metal is taking his baggers not just into the realm of high-performance hot roddery but beyond its borders into the No Man’s Land of the unexplored. He and the Outlaw Baggers crew run buck wild through the Reno area, racing mountain roads as hard as they possibly can. Without pity, fear, or remorse. If you ran a bagger with extended luggage and a huge front wheel the way they rode up there, you’d burn off the bags at full lean in a turn—if you’re lucky. Justin wants to ride, the harder the better, and he gives shit one what anyone else or the law has to say about that. 

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